Supercompact Forex 10mm Sheet

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No frame required and includes everything you need to hang it up


A new category of photographic finish

This type of printing is done on a super-compact and light plate of Forex® (pvc) expanded with the white edge, a revolutionary material with an extraordinary stability as well as a perfect tonal reproduction, in case it has little surprising finish crystal

Our Picglaze® printing partner has state-of-the-art printing technology. They are able to print our images in high quality with a revolutionary finish that confers a crystallization effect called "HDPB System of Spanish technology", the novel system sharpens the perceptions of volume, color and sharpness obtaining an unusual result of "glazed effect". Life of each work printed independently of the ambient light, this process of crystallization also gives them a durability and longevity unknown until now.

All of these qualities combined with the ability to mitigate visual distortion and reflective defects caused by other traditional solutions such as glass or methacrylate not only make Picglaze® a new category of printing after the most popular options such as matt, Satin and glitter, but in a new photographic feeling never seen before. He could not have seen anything like it !!

Supercompact Forex 10mm Sheet
Stiff, light and stable format
Ready to hang on the wall
Ideal for large prints for stability
Professional finishing and easy maintenance
Highly durable
Easy cleaning