Printing Process

In we take the printing process very seriously, all the flow of print work is personally controlled by the author, we work exclusively with the best and most advanced European printing laboratory, so we can ensure the fidelity of Color as well as the durability of each work, the impression once realized is supervised individually by Tomás Masiá, without haste, to preserve all the essence of what the author wanted to show at the time of the capture of the image. If it is not what is expected, it is sent back to print and communicated to the customer. Other authors send their works directly from the laboratory, at we will always check the quality of the print before sending to your home

All the works are sent signed and numbered to ensure the authenticity, only 10 MAXIMUM prints are made of each image, in this way we preserve the exclusivity and quality of all the works since they are done in a handmade way and without intermediaries.