The author


Thomas Masiá is an adventurous life, tireless explorer of the world around him, passionate about photography, new technologies and special nature of the underwater world. Birth Valenciano and Balear heart is by 2000 to coincide with a business trip to the island of Mallorca, the largest island truly discover the Balearics. An island full of contrasts, exuberant nature and somewhat closed at first but more than family and close after people.

The Balearic Sea lets you surprised upon arrival, had seen nothing comparable in his life, the treasure hidden there you can not describe in words, he decides he has to live it and photograph it slowly to say later without doubt is best havens. In his life, he has always been closely linked to the sea since from small, in Valencia, his parents whenever they had opportunity delivered to their playground "The beach of La Malvarosa". Decides not without regret, leaving behind his family and settle in Mallorca. After more than 15 years deeply knowing each of the Balearic Islands, a real lover and defender of these beautiful coasts becomes, now he resides in a municipality of Calvia from where plans and prepares all photographs whenever a chance.

Coinciding almost his arrival on the island, it is when you purchase your first digital camera, a Sony 5mpx, despite having used some chemical photography is the digital camera when true passion for photography arises. After many snapshots and occasional abandonment, finally he finds his style and passion, MAR. He then decides to devote body and soul to an organized photographing the beautiful corners and marine details of these islands.

2015 is when it begins to publicize his work, with no other aim than to show the world the stunning scenery that can be daily in these islands. Translated with Google Translate